Esri Türkiye şirketinde Chief Technology Officer

I worked with Grant in his role as Programme Director at Wipro when we delivered one of the largest business transformation programmes undertaken in the energy sector. The programme itself was complex and highly challenging, a first in the market and globally in terms of technology implementation and business transformation, bringing together some of the most experienced energy and utilities professionals from Turkey and abroad. Grant was instrumental in driving the success of the programme. His engagement with the client, internal stakeholders, workstream leaders, regulators and senior management across companies, departments and disciplines was a key enabler in orchestrating success. His depth of experience brought invaluable insights and recommendations which helped the stakeholders in understanding complex issues, solving problems and making major decisions which contributed towards success, especially with extremely tight deadlines. Grant’s leadership was key to our success. As a leader he believes in empowering and supporting people and the value of building a high performance culture. His ability to mentor, coach, guide and develop the teams was an added value factor for both our own organisation and our client. He left a positive legacy which has enabled clients to achieve success in competitive, regulated markets, and brought sustainable value to clients.

Nicola Crawford CFIRM
Past Chair of the Board the Institute of Risk Management | Past Acting CRO at FSCS

I have had the pleasure of working with Grant for over ten years over which time he has embodied true leadership in the implementation of enterprise risk management. Grant is able to understand a client’s position in relation to ERM requirements and translate them into actionable steps that can be easily understood and applied. Grant is great at crafting appropriate program management capabilities with his own, and the client’s teams, to ensure delivery of ERM that adds value and not just another tick in the box.

Richard Marsden
Digital Disruptor, InsurTech Innovator, CEO

I had the pleasure of working with Grant at Wolters Kluwer. Managing adjoining territories, we both faced the trials and tribulations of managing overseas clients for a US parent and a UK domiciled operations and management team. Grant embraced his role in Turkey with gusto, learning the local language to a business level of proficiency. Smart, witty, entrepreneurial, diligent, detail focussed, and totally immersed in the business of Risk, Grant is a rare talent who is able to provide a detailed level of industry insight combined with the commercial savvy of a commercial entrepreneur. He would be an asset to any firm in either capacity.

Alexander Larsen CFIRM
President – Baldwin Global Risk Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Grant on a number of major risk & governance consulting engagements. These included work in both the financial and oil and gas sectors in countries ranging from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan. The jobs always included working with Boards and high level management including CEO’s, CFO’s, CRO’s, Risk Committees, Strategy Committees, Audit Committees, and other high level directors which delivered value and enabled insights to support strategic decision-making. Having Grant as part of the team, or leading the team in many cases, added real value to our clients who felt comfortable with him speaking to senior leaders and who appreciate and gain real value from his insights and recommendations. It is not just the client who has gained from his involvement.
The consulting teams who have worked with Grant have been able to lean on his strong experience, knowledge and expertise of Risk & Governance.
He is always willing to share this experience and has a fantastic ability to analyse the requirements of the job and put together structured solutions. I believe his wealth of experience working at board level in various sectors is a crucial element in his ability to formulate plans of action, develop effective risk and governance structures and guidance, mentoring and value added recommendations to clients.
An area that I have found an additional great support, was in the jobs where he has led engagements. His ability to lead and to ensure smooth execution both from a deliverables point of view as well as admin point of views as well as paying attention to the quality of deliverables, which took pressure and stress off the team members and ensured the client would receive high quality deliverables ahead of schedule.